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Come to the Backgammon Buffet

Let's face it. People love reading books which are collections of something. That is why collections of short stories or poems are such a hit. This also rings true in the world of backgammon. Players seem to love books that seem like a buffet of sorts.

Some examples of these books are:

Backgammon: An Independent View

This one is a collection of articles written by Chris Bray. Chris Bray is a backgammon expert who is famous to players not only because of his backgammon matches but also of his columns in various serials.

Since it's a set of small articles, players should expect the topics to be broad. Aside from that, players should also expect these articles to be upbeat and light to read. Because of this reason, players who are easily bored may love this book.

Even if the articles are relatively short, do not expect them to be less informative. They are all very informative, yet amusing at the same time. They are written to be funny, which Chris Bray knows that backgammon fans really look forward to. He knows that backgammon is a fun and exciting game, so there shouldn't be any reason that its accompanying literature should kill us all to boredom. Finally, a writer who truly understands what the players are looking for.

Paradoxes and Probabilities

If the first one mentioned here is a collection of articles, this one is a collection of backgammon problems. The author presents a lot of backgammon situations here and tries to solve them one by one. Players may agree with him or not, but they cannot deny that the author is a very good player. Anyways, if you do not agree with him, then try to solve some of the problems yourself. This makes this item such a good buy because it doubles as a workbook as well.

Some suggested moves here are very controversial, and unexpected. But the real style of the author is a passive one. Players who read this will observe that the author loves to set up the game, and is not one who does the attacks.

Fascinating Backgammon

This is much like the Paradoxes and Probabilities, only that it contains fewer backgammon problems. The problems and solutions presented here are designed as if they were in a money game, which is just perfect for gambling players. Gambling players would certainly love this one because it is more practical for them, plus the author is an expert at backgammon.

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