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Learn the Backgammon Variant Chouette

There are various forms of backgammon available in this modern day and age. Among these forms and variations is a game known as Chouette. Chouette is a game that is often played in various clubs for backgammon and gives various other benefits than the regular backgammon play. Clubs for backgammon usually would provide the best atmosphere for the Chouette game, which allows players to be a part of the game at any moment or whenever they prefer, and take breaks at any preferred instance.

The Chouette game has varied house rules and the beginners to this game should start off by learning club rules before they actually sit down and play with the rest of the other, more experienced players.

The game begins by the throwing of a die by every player present in the match, wherefore, a re-roll then occurs if in case there is a tie. A player that has rolled the highest number then becomes what we call, the "box", and then begins to play against the rest of the other players who then start to form a team. Whoever player has rolled second highest in the group shall become the captain of that team. Take note that only a captain may roll the dice and make moves for the rest of his team mates.

If the box wins, that player then starts making a collection from every other player of a particular team. After that, the captain then moves behind the line and the succeeding player in the team then ends up being the captain. If the team wins the Chouette game, it is the box that would start paying off to every other player, and that player who was the box then moves to the end of the line, wherefore, the captain of the team turns into the new box.

So on and so forth! This game is special in a way that any player can leave, take a break or join in the game whenever they choose to join, or leave. There is no one who dictates when one should start playing or stop playing. So if there is a new player, then he simple begins by starting at the end of the rotation.

Many local rules can contain variations. Some clubs would allow a team to be able to freely consult one another about roll play, and the like. While in other clubs, such acts may be disallowed.

The Chouette game is played either with a doubling cube or many cubes. As earlier discussed, there are many variations present.

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