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Beginners Guide For Backgammon

Beginners, here is a chance to learn the basics of the game of backgammon:

One important thing to know - you can redouble. If your opponent makes doubles to raise the stakes, you always can redouble anytime to four, when it is your turn to roll.

Let us say, for example, when you are trailing 1-0, consider a match of 3. You can always turn the cube if it is your turn to roll if your opponent doubles and then you take it.

For accepting the double is 25% - this is the break-even point. But this is considered only if you have a chance of winning the game for at least 25% as well, and then you must take.

Owning means you have the right to make a double, but not your opponent.

The chances you have of winning in the game are zero, if no one doubles. If your opponent should double, you should at least drop. However, if you have taken, and your opponent doubles, you still have a chance of 14% to win the game. If you have a very small lead, you don't want a double - at the same time, don't wait so long that the game is iced already. Always consider your position.

The winning percentage of a player is not easy to determine. In the game of backgammon, players should at least know the guidelines.

Here is a tip that not all backgammon players are aware of: If it costs nothing, always double. Always think about this: Let us say that you have a 90% chance of winning the game, then you double, and your opponent drops. Your score will now be at 2-2, and then you still have a chance of 50% to win, and you've already doubled; your chances of winning the game goes back to 90%.

Don't always go for the safe move. There are risky moves that will help you escape in the future. Don't overdo it with unsafe moves, but consider the "hits", and consider having points on the home board.

If you want to acquire reading material to boost your knowledge on backgammon, I suggest that you purchase Kit Woolsey's magazine, "The GammOnLine". You will be asked to pay the amount of $36 to get a pass for this magazine online, since they are no longer publishing the magazine. With your payment, you can avail of the 53 issues. In this reading material you will learn many backgammon tactics, and you can incorporate these ideas in your game. Kit is one of the best players of backgammon, so getting tips and hints from him will help you a lot.

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Backgammon Game Rules and Set Up

Backgammon is really an exciting and challenging board game but pretty easy to learn. Learning about the set up and rules of the game is never hard and you can learn to play backgammon within minutes.

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