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backgammon History

Backgammon is the oldest known game in history. Many experts agree that backgammon dates back almost 5000 years BC. It also important to mention that backgammon has barely changed from those far days till today. The backgammon we play today is very similar to the backgammon that was played in ancient Mesopotamia. Backgammon is widely spread in Egypt, Syria, Israel, Jordan and Turkey. In those countries younglings are playing backgammon on far higher level than is common in the west.

Unlike many other gambling games, backgammon has no one specific origin or "father". Backgammon has evolved from several ancient games, which are connected to some degree to an ancient Sumerian game. Archeological expeditions in the temples of ancient Mesopotamia have found several ancient gaming boards that are extremely similar to our modern backgammon. An ancient Egyptian game name Senet is also extremely similar to modern backgammon. This game dates back almost 2000 years BC. Another shared parent to backgammon is the ancient Greek game Ludus which apparently evolved from the Egyptian Senet. It is very hard to determine which of these games had more influence on our modern backgammon but we can definitely conclude that backgammon is one of the most diverse and fascinating gambling games in the world.

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Backgammon Game Rules and Set Up

Backgammon is really an exciting and challenging board game but pretty easy to learn. Learning about the set up and rules of the game is never hard and you can learn to play backgammon within minutes.

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