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Backgammon History Exposed

The game of backgammon is a popular board game between two players. The movement of the game pieces is dependent on the numbers that appear on the dice. The objective of the game is to become the first player to remove their pieces from their side of the board while at the same time keeping their opponents from doing such task. It is a game that involves much strategy since the player needs to find a way to move his pieces and at the same time defend his position.

Long ago, backgammon was considered as an "Aristocratic Game," because it was played by people belonging to the upper class. In fact, Emperor Claudius loved the game so much that he ordered his men to create a built-in game to his coach so that he could play the game while traveling. This is believed to be the first travel edition of the game of backgammon.

While there are many ancient games that resemble the game of backgammon, it is believed that the game originated from the Royal Game of Ur, popular in ancient Mesopotamia. Archaeological evidences found at the "Burnt City" in Iran point to an identical game somewhere in the region of 3000 BC. In addition, the ancient people of Rome had several variations of backgammon. This game was played by moving the game pieces using the dice.

Another popular game where the game of backgammon was derived is Tabula, which literally means "table" or "board." It had the same objective with modern backgammon, which is to remove all the pieces off the board. Moreover, it made use of three dice and the movement of the checkers proceeds to the position of the opponent's checkers through 24 points.

The table game of nard, the English translation is "Battle of Wood," was introduced during the 6th century BC in India by Burzoe, a statesman and physician. Nard used a dice made out of ivory and teak. Furthermore, the descendant of contemporary backgammon was played in France by the 11th century. It was a popular hobby for gamblers. Backgammon began to spread in countries like Germany and Iceland from the 12th to the 13th century.

In 1743, Edmund Hoyle standardized the rules and strategies of backgammon in his work "A Short Treatise on the Game of Backgammon." With the invention of the doubling cube, the game became even more exciting. It was initially used in New York City in 1926.

Like the game of chess, the game of backgammon has been a product of consistent studies by computer scientists. This resulted to backgammon software that has the ability to defeat even the top-ranked human backgammon players.

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