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Introduction to Backgammon

Online gambling seems to be the biggest hype in the world now days. If you consider yourself to be a gambling lover than you know that there is no way to avoid the news revolving this craze. Online casinos have conquered the world of gambling by storm. It has come to this that land based casinos are beginning to get nervous from online casinos stealing their business. In this new gambling landscape new games had to arise, to lure new player to the competitive gambling market and so backgammon received its very much due stardom.

Online backgammon is one of the hottest trends in online casinos around the world. Can you believe that a game that was popular only among experts and backgammon veterans has become one of the hottest games in the world? Thanks to the internet. Recent advances have turned gambling into one of the hottest aspects of the internet. Once, backgammon was popular only in backgammon clubs and high-society social clubs. Backgammon clubs usually attracted only backgammon experts or long time lovers. Backgammon is also known to be extremely popular in the Middle East. Apparently backgammon is extremely common in the Middle East and it is rare to find a player which does not how to play it. They should try it at Casino Diary, an online casino guide offering casinos online reviews, game strategies, tips and also news from the online gambling industry.

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Backgammon Game Rules and Set Up

Backgammon is really an exciting and challenging board game but pretty easy to learn. Learning about the set up and rules of the game is never hard and you can learn to play backgammon within minutes.

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